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In the News

Below are some selected examples of Haven Financial Advisors appearing in the print media

Protecting Retirement Income from Taxes 

CNBC, 04.28.2017

​Interviewed by CNBC on practices for minimizing taxes in retirement. Discussed strategic use of Roth Conversions.

Maxing Out Your 401(k) Is Profitable: Here's Why

Investopedia, 03.02.2017

​Interviewed by Investopedia on the Pros and Cons of 401k contributions

Build an ETF Bond Ladder, But Be Wary of Costs 

Barrons, 01.09.2016

​Interviewed in Barron's Magazine on the topic of laddered bond portfolios

Cheap Money, Emerging Markets

​Financial Advisor Magazine, 11.03.2014

The author surveys a number of advisors on the pros and cons of foreign investing. I point out that valuations in emerging markets are more attractive and that, long term, foreign stocks reduce overall portfolio volatility.

Using Foreign Stocks to Dampen Risk

ThinkAdvisor, 06.24.2014

Using foreign diversification in both equities and fixed income markets may not deliver higher returns—at least, not consistently—but it does drive down volatility, and thus risk in client portfolio,  according to Louis Kokernak of Haven Financial Advisors. 

Health Savings Accounts Can Double as Shadow IRAs

Wall Street Jounral, 06.02.2014

Mr. Kokernak encourages clients to use low-cost stock and bond funds in their HSA accounts. He uses a custodian called HSA Bank, based in Sheboygan, Wis. HSA Bank has a slate of mutual funds available and lets account holders direct their own investments through TD Ameritrade.

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